Building a Lizard Lounge

Have fun watching lizards lounging in the sun, doing pushups, and catching bugs. Building a lizard home in your backyard can not only be fun, but it helps create a healthy ecosystem. The lizards help keep insects and slugs in check. [2]

Select the location

  • Find a sunny and dry area.
  • Nearby tall grasses or other natural hiding spots are a plus.

Build the Shelter

  • Stack loose materials with plenty of cracks and holes.
    • Lizards prefer hole sizes in the 1/4"-3/4" range. [1]
  • Tip: Smear a bit of yogurt or milk onto your new shelter, and you may have some lichen or moss growing in a few weeks. [1]

Welcome the lizards

  • Wait for your new tenants to arrive.
  • Leave a dish of water or berries for the lizards to enjoy [1].

[1] New Zealand Department of Conservation

[2] Gardening Australia

Construction Video

Here's a great video of the process from Gardening Australia: