Amphibians spend part of their lives on land, and part of their lives in the water.

Building a Tree Frog House


"In altered areas and those in which there has been the loss of types of microhabitats, the addition of these PVC pipes as artificial shelters may represent additional and complementary microhabitats to keep or increase the population stocks of arboreal and semi-arboreal frog species and having a size that allow them entering the shelter. These artificial shelters can play an important role in conservation of these frogs in fragmented areas where the availability of the microhabitats of these frog species were locally reduced."[1]

You can build a house for tree frogs in your yard. Watch the following video for instructions.

Building a Hibernaculum

In areas that get near or below freezing during the winter, a hibernaculum is used to stay safe and keep from being frozen during winter when the amphibians are in hibernation.